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        1. variety

          2018 Ontario Soybean Variety Trials Report

          Download the latest Ontario Soybean Variety Trials Report in PDF format. It contains the list of the registered or certified varieties tested, agronomic performance tables and SCN performance tables.

          Download »

          Variety List

          Soybean Variety List and Descriptions

          An interactive list of registered or certified varieties tested. Use it to find varieties that have the traits you want and are suited to your growing area.

          View details »


          Agronomic Performance Tables and Graphs

          Agronomic performance tests of Round-up Ready or Conventional varieties of different maturity groups.
          Compare varieties head to head.
          View graphs of yield vs. maturity.

          View details »

          Food Grade

          Canadian Food Grade Soybean Database

          Seed quality and composition of food grade and dual purpose soybeans tested in the OSACC conventional trials.

          View details »


          SCN Performance

          Agronomic performance of SCN resistant soybean varieties tested in SCN infested soils.
          Yield vs maturity graphs for SCN trials.

          View details »



          Canola variety trial reports and guidelines.

          View details »